Bluey toys for kids

Bluey toys are more than just playthings. They stimulate imagination, foster creativity, and enhance emotional and social development in children. These toys allow kids to recreate their favorite scenes from the popular Australian TV show, or invent entirely new adventures, promoting hands-on fun and learning through play.

What are bluey toys?

Bluey is a popular Australian animated television series that first premiered in 2018. It’s primarily designed for preschool children but has gained widespread acclaim from audiences of all ages due to its universal themes and heartwarming storytelling.

The series revolves around a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family, including her father Bandit, her mother Chilli, and her younger sister, Bingo. The family lives in Brisbane, Australia. The Blue Heeler breed, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, is renowned for its intelligence, energy, and, notably, its blue coat, which inspired Bluey’s name.

Each episode follows Bluey and her family as they embark on various imaginative adventures. From running a pretend shop to embarking on epic quests as explorers, Bluey’s daily adventures are a tribute to the power of creativity and imagination in children’s play. The show is also applauded for the way it authentically portrays parenthood, sibling relationships, and family dynamics.

With its unique blend of humor, life lessons, and lovable characters, Bluey has become a hit both in Australia and internationally. It’s a show that not only entertains but also educates, sparking laughter and teaching valuable life lessons in each episode.

Why We need to buy bluey toys for your kids

  1. Promote Imaginative Play: Just like the TV series, Bluey Toys encourage children to use their imagination. Children can recreate scenes from the show or invent their own stories using the characters, promoting creative thinking.
  2. Enhance Emotional Development: Through role-playing with Bluey toys, children can explore different scenarios and emotions. This process aids in their emotional development and understanding of the world around them.
  3. Improve Fine Motor Skills: Playing with small toys like figures from the Bluey series can help develop children’s fine motor skills, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  4. Encourage Social Interaction: If your child is a fan of Bluey, they’ll likely find common ground with other fans. Sharing and playing with Bluey toys can facilitate friendships and promote cooperative play.
  5. Provide Comfort: Toys from a favorite show like Bluey can provide comfort to children in unfamiliar situations. Having a toy of a beloved character can make new experiences less intimidating.
  6. Educational: The Bluey series is renowned for its life lessons, and these can be extended to playtime. Parents and caregivers can use these toys as a tool to discuss the show’s themes with their children, promoting learning through play.
  7. Fun: Above all, Bluey toys are just fun! Children love to play with toys of their favorite characters, and it adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their playtime.

In essence, Bluey toys are not just toys; they’re tools for creativity, development, and learning. They allow children to interact with their favorite characters in a tangible way, extending the enjoyment of the TV show into their everyday play.

10 most popular bluey toys that you should go for

1. Bluey Figure 2 Pack Bluey & Bandit (Dad) 2.5 Inch Toy Figures with Accessories

Features and specification

Age Range (Description)Toddler
ThemeTV Show
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, PVC
  • Recreate some of the most memorable moments from the Bluey TV show in your own home with the Bluey figure 3-pack
  • In this pack, you will find Bluey’s sister Bingo and two cousins – Muffin, and Socks
  • Both Muffin and Bingo figurines have moveable parts. They are poseable at the body and arms
  • There are so many of Bluey’s family and friends! Collect them all
  • Discover the world of Bluey Playsets and Accessories and make your own Bluey Adventures

2. Bluey Vehicle and Figure Pack, 2.5-3″ Articulated Figures – Unipony (13050)

Features and specifications

  • Take A Fun Ride On The Unipony With Bluey.
  • Bluey’S Unipony Ride Includes One 2.5″ Bluey Figure, One Unipony Figure, One Saddle And One Hay Bale.
  • Bluey Is Articulated And Poseable For Realistic Play . Place The Saddle On The Back Of The Unipony. Bluey Can Sit In The Saddle And Ride The Pony.
  • These Figures Are Just The Perfect Size For Pre-Schooler Hands To Play With.

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3. Bluey Bingo’s Playroom, with 2.5″ Figure, Canopy, Table, Computer, Rug, and Xylophone


Features and specifications

Age Range (Description)For Ages 3+
MaterialPolypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Fabric, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Bingo’S Playroom Playset Is Full Of Fun Things To Do
  • There Are 6 Fun Accessories And One Bingo Figure To Play With In The Mini Playroom Playset
  • Play In The Tent And On The Big Kiwi Rug
  • Place The Stethoscope Onto Bingo So She Can Play Doctor

4. Bluey Dog Vehicle 2-Pack, 2.5-3″ Bluey & Bingo Articulated Figures – Scooter Time & Park Playset 2.5″ Figure, Wagon, Swing Set, and Slide

Features and specifications

  • Product 1: Let’s Roll. Take Bluey And Bingo On A Ride With The Scooter Fun Pack
  • Product 1: Bluey And Bingo’S Scooter Fun Includes One Bluey Figure, One Bingo Figure, Two Helmets, And Two Scooters
  • Product 1: Bluey And Bingo Are Articulated And Poseable For Realistic Play . Place Them Standing On The Decks Of Their Scooters. They Stand As You Push Their Scooters Along
  • Product 1: These Figures Are Just The Perfect Size For Pre-Schooler Hands To Play With
  • Product 2: Enjoy A Playdate At The Park With Bluey And This Cute Mini Park Playset
  • Product 2: Included In The Mini Park Playset Is One Bluey Figure And 3 Fun Accessories
  • Product 2: The Park Playset Includes A Functioning Swing Place Bluey On It And Push Her Back And Forth
  • Product 2: With A Wagon That Has Moving Wheels And Rotating Handle, It’S Perfect To Pull Bluey Around

5. Bluey Caravan Adventure Playset, with 2.5″ Jean Luc Figure

Features and specifications

  • Come On A Caravan Adventure With Bluey’S Family And Friends In Bluey’S Caravan Adventure Playset
  • Flip And Fold Out The Caravan To Reveal Rooms For Your Bluey Figures To Play In!
  • Cook In The Caravan Kitchen Or Toast A Marshmallow Over The Campfire
  • Bluey’S Caravan Adventure Playset Comes With Seven Fun Accessory Pieces Including A 2.5″ Jean Luc Figure

6. Bluey – Muffin’s Cat Squad Bike with 2.5″ Muffin Figure, Multicolor (17131)

Features and specifications

  • Take a fun ride on the Cat Squad Bike with Muffin.
  • Includes one 2.5″ Muffin Figure, one Cat Squad Bike and two Traffic Cone Accessories.
  • The muffin is poseable for realistic play! Place Muffin in the seat and roll her along!
  • These figures are the perfect size for pre-schoolers’ hands to play with.
  • Collect all of Bluey’s family and friends!
  • Bring Bluey’s world to life with a range of playsets and accessories.

7. Bluey Mega Bundle Home, BBQ Playset, and 4 Figures | Amazon Exclusive, Multicolor

Features and specifications

  • The Bluey Mega Bundle Is The Perfect Set To Play Out The World Of Bluey
  • Big In Size And Features, This Enormous Toy Playset Is Full Molded Details With Opening Doors For Added Fun
  • The Bluey Family Home Has 4 Different Rooms And A Large Wall Panel That Pulls Down To Form An Amazing Outdoor Patio
  • Loaded With Many Pieces Of Removable Furniture To Play With And Move Around

8. Bluey – Pop ‘N’ Fun Play Tent – Pops Up in Seconds and Easy Storage, Multicolor3

Features and specifications

MaterialPolyester, Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer, Metal
StylePop Up Play Tent
Item Dimensions LxWxH28.3 x 28.3 x 40.2 inches
Item Weight1.32 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Kid
Assembly RequiredNo
Sub BrandBluey
Product Dimensions28.3″D x 28.3″W x 40.2″H
  • Hours of active fun – Features roll-up door and peep-through window
  • Quick and easy instant play – pops up in flash with easy-to-insert rods
  • Ideal for active adventures inside and out
  • Sparks imagination and encourages active play

9. Bluey and Family 4 Pack of 2.5-3″ Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, Bandit Poseable Figures

Features and specifications

  • In This Pack, You Will Find Bluey, Her Little Sister, Bingo, And Their Mum And Dad, Chilli And Bandit Figures
  • All 4 Figures In The Family 4-Pack Are Fully Poseable For Realistic Play
  • The Perfect Size For Pre-Schooler Hands To Play With

10. Bluey Heeler Family Plush Set 4 Plush 7-8″ Figures | Amazon Exclusive


Bluey toys are an excellent investment in a child’s development and entertainment. These toys, inspired by the beloved Australian children’s TV series, offer a platform for imaginative play, social interaction, and emotional exploration. They can also be used as educational tools, helping children grasp various life lessons portrayed in the show. Besides their developmental benefits, Bluey toys bring joy and fun, allowing children to engage with their favorite characters in a tangible way. Whether for a casual play session or a creative learning experience, Bluey toys are undoubtedly a valuable addition to any child’s playtime repertoire.

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